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A Clean Commission

 The Arizona Corporation Commission is an amazing, unique branch of government intended to democratize the rules and rates that affect our utilities bills. Sadly, public trust in the Commission has recently crashed following a series of corruption indictments and conflict of interest charges.

As a servant leader, Kiana’s vision for the Corporation Commission starts with snuffing out corruption and ending secret deals.

As Commissioner, she will work diligently to restore the position’s former dignity. This means placing professionalism above politics in her approach to rate and rulemaking.  

Arizona Corporate Commission Candidate

A Clean Campaign

 Commission orders should make sense for everybody, not just the utilities companies.

Utilities companies receive a fair rate of return in Arizona per the Corporation Commission rules. Unfortunately, corruption in the form of bribery has caused former Commissioners to increase rates of the ratepayers. This hurts Arizona ratepayers who are hard working families, seniors and small business owners and destroys the integrity of the Corporation Commision, which was established to protect the Arizona ratepayers. Sears will always serve with honesty and transparency—and will restore integrity to the Corporation Commission.

A Clean Arizona

 Candidate Kiana Sears, for Arizona Corporate Commission, is a champion for policies that protect our children’s right to breathe clean air and drink abundant clear water.


Sears is an energy professional that knows the future of Arizona depends on our ability to adapt and embrace Solar Energy, address battery storage and the renewable energy industry. Sears is a Commissioner that brings energy industry expertise, from meeting with the national energy professionals as an Executive Consultant of the Arizona Corporation Commission as well as study clean energy internationally in Switzerland.  It is time for a commissioner with a fresh and forward thinking prospective. A Commissioner that is looking at innovation and how technology is affect the energy market. As a degreed public administrator, Sears respects the brilliant minds of Arizona’s state universities Schools of Sustainability and desire to bring their ideas and ideas from the Technology world to create the cleanest, most effective, most affordable energy for all Arizonans. Sears believes that Arizona is behind the times and must increase renewable energy and dreams of a day in which solar energy produces 50% or more of our energy here in the Arizona the state with the mot days of sunshine.

Sears fiercely supports efforts to legally require that 50% of Arizona’s energy come from renewables by 2030.Should voters choose to adapt this goal into law, Commissioner Sears will staunchly oppose any attempts to undermine their will. Arizona needs a robust clean energy industry to flourish. Arizona must become “The Solar Capitol of the World”. Reducing the energy bill of hardworking Arizonans begins with Solar and renewable energy. The cost of solar has continue to decline and Commissioner Sears will use her expertise at the Commission to create affordable pathways to solar. Commissioner Sears is excited about lower utility bills for hardworking Arizonans. Clean energy will reduce the asthma rates in Arizona by allowing Arizona’s air to be clean again. 

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As A Clean Elections Candidate

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